Pouliot Ranch - Family Farm Raised Beef
Beef Ordering Information
Beef is sold and priced by the hanging weight.  In a typical quarter, the hanging weight ranges from 180-210lbs depending on the steer. All beef is processed, wrapped and frozen for your convenience.
We sell beef by the mixed quarters so you get a variety of steaks, roasts and ground beef in every quarter.  You also have the choice of soup bones or short ribs.  A typical quarter yields about 6-7 of T-bone and rib steak and 3 each of Round and Sirloin (based on standard three-quarter inch cut). And about 6 chuck roasts, one rump roast and one sirloin tip roast.  An average quarter yields between 40-50 lbs of ground beef depending on the hanging weight.
You get to select how you'd like your ground beef packaged in either 1lb, 1.5lb or 2lb packages.
All steers are processed at Schroeder Meats, a small family run butcher in New Germany, MN.   Finished orders can be picked up at the butcher or from our farm for your convenience.
Because we are a small farm, quantities are limited so call now to get your name on the list!  Call for current market pricing. 612-716-2356
What's the experience of ordering beef all about?
Once you have decided you are ready to order,  we ask you to confirm your order with a $100 down payment.  Once we have the steer scheduled, we will get your instructions for the butcher.
We will then contact you to confirm the actual hanging weight on the steer.  From the time the steer is brought to the butcher to the time it's processed, frozen and ready for pick-up is generally about 2-3 weeks.
When you arrive to pick up your order, a quarter of processed freezer-ready beef fits in 3 average sized boxes, or about 2-3 coolers. 
At the time you pick up the order, your remaining balance is due.  And while you're picking up the beef, stop out to the farmyard and check out our farm...the cattle, chickens, horses, cats, pigs and farm dogs. 
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